Why Is An Internal Audit Necessary?

Why Is An Internal Audit Necessary? All we know about auditing is an assessment of a company’s performance especially the accounts of the company by a group of chartered accountants who are independent of the company. Meaning, auditors are the external people who don’t have any interest in the company. Before the external auditors evaluate … [Read more…]

Benefits Of The Internal Control System In Every Organization

Benefits Of The Internal Control System In Every Organization Internal control, commonly referred as the management control is a tool to assess the working of the management towards its mission, vision and the goal. The Internal control system is overviewed by the department called the internal audit department that audits and checks whether the business … [Read more…]

Beginners Guide To Commodity Market

Beginners Guide To Commodity Market The commodity market is just like another market which is regulated by a certain set of rules. But it is different from the share market as in this market physical goods are traded.  In this market, weather plays an important role as most of the products that are ideal here … [Read more…]

Investments And Psychological Traps

Investments And Psychological Traps The stock market shows two different market traits, the bull, and the bear market, that are entirely based on the trader’s emotions. Fear and greed are often seen causing variations in the stock market. Experts say there are many psychological traps the traders can find themselves in, this article focus on … [Read more…]

Bitcoin Loophole Can Make You Rich

  There is the only way to go with Bitcoins and that is up. In the last few years, since its inception, the prices of Bitcoins and many other respectable virtual currencies have seen an unprecedented increase in their worth. People without any knowledge of the software technology or the mechanism behind the system also … [Read more…]

Get Involved

Labour’s greatest advantage over our political opponents is our people. We’re Britain’s biggest political party and have more members and campaigners than any other. Over the summer and throughout our Leadership election, we want to recruit as many people as possible as members and supporters, to engage them and help them shape the future of … [Read more…]

Appointment to see your MP

Surgeries are the opportunity for local constituents to meet the MP and his team. We can support you with matters that relate the MP’s role as your representative in Parliament. If you need to see your MP then please call our office on 01902 907030. We may not always be able to accommodate a meeting with … [Read more…]