What you have been saying to Rob

Many people have written to Rob saying what their 3 priorities to rebuild hope in our country are. Here are some examples of what they have been saying:

“Investment in the future of young people”Cameroon_2.jpg

“More support for overworked weary medical staff”

“Save the NHS”

“Scrap the Bedroom Tax”

“Create Employment”

“Taking care of the vulnerable in our society”

“Increase the number of free childcare places”12_Tett_mkt__RM_Pat_110514.JPG

“Give working people a decent wage”

“To build as many houses as possible to buy/rent, this would give work to all the
building trades and those supplying them. The shortage of housing is the reason rents are sky high and the taxpayer is having to help those in trouble.”

“Fair legal system”

“Investment in renewable energy sources, infrastructure and public transport”

“Cut energy bills”048_rob_marris.jpg

“Welcoming only those immigrants the nation needs (and those in distress)”

“Teach our children to cook: go back to basics – teach our children to grow stuff in SOIL that they can eat”

“Abolish zero hours”

“Back living wage”

“Encourage and promote new industries to create more jobs for everyone”

“Investment in manufacturing industries”

“Increase minimum wage”DSC_0139.JPG

“I want there to be more jobs for people with disabilities”

“Reduce inequalities and narrow the gap between rich and poor”

“Immigration controls but discourage people from blaming everything on other cultures/communities.”

“NHS (A&E)”

“More apprenticeships/training”038_rob_marris.jpg

“More affordable housing, not mansions”

“Well resourced health and social care services”

“And most of all I want the Conservatives OUT, OUT, OUT!”