Here is a lowdown on the software called the Orion Code

If you have previously come across software called the Quantum Code, then there is a high chance that you may have also heard about software called the Orion Code; to know if it is a scam or not, try this.

Yes, per se they may sound like two different software but believe me if you can that they are one and the same.

The makeover:

May be a year ago, there was this software which was hailed to be the best thing to happen to online traders. It was called the Quantum Code. Now this software was the biggest rogue of all. Today, if you ask me if trading in binary options is a lucrative trade to follow? I will categorically reply in the negative.


The reason for this my friend is that even though trading in binary options is a legitimate for m of trading, today there are so many rotten fishes in the pond that the pond itself has become a dirty water body.

The legit software is only a handful whereas newer scams keep popping up by the dozen every month after month. And this is no good news my friend!

But if there is legit software, where are they?

The problem is this:

The legitimate software know that they are good and they are content with the business that they get from their traders and so they never seem to advertise to get more custom. So, the scams are the ones who are looking out to get as many traders to scam and that is the reason why they aggressively market and spam the people I a bid to get the maximum number of people to join their website.

Once the traders who are unsuspecting join them and invest hundreds of dollars, they suddenly gobble up their entire balance and in no time and they one fine day close shop and are on their way to the bans laughing heartily at the stupidity and the naivety of the hundreds of traders who trusted them in the first place.

Smell a rat?

The real test to tell if the program is a legit or not is to determine from its homepage if the promises that it makes is practical at all. If they promise you thousands daily as profits alone when you are sure that this is only a supplementary form of income, you must smell a rat. Because in the end, the fact that it sounds exaggerated is because in fact it is!