Do You Need An Independent Sales Organization

Do You Need An Independent Sales Organization

You might have just given final touches to the master plan of your firm and the next action on the ground should be the operating tools, assisting agencies to help in the process of concept realization such as marketing, financial management, and planning. The one-stop solutions provider for helping in setting up the structure of your business finance and day-to-day operations is the independent sales organization (ISO), also known as Member Service Provider (MSP).

The roles of an ISO vary from firm to firm. While some provide the resources to activate credit card transactions, some can even help you in setting up a merchant account and establish merchant relationships and assist you throughout in your business, just like a financial consultant, but more on the marketing and sales side.


How to determine the roles of ISO in your business?

The nature of your business, the budget, the level of operation and the destined market are some of the important factors which contribute to the necessity of seeking the service of an ISO.

For example, you are planning to design a robot for mining and trading in cryptocurrencies and altcoins like the Ethereum Code. You might have read more about Ethereum Code on the financial and market forums and developed insights into constructing your own robot, but handling and dealing with transactions in digital currencies by taking into the legal and regional constraints, you need an expert. This may be the job for an ISO, which connects your platform with the regular currency market and financial institutions for working under a complete cyber setup.

Considerations calling for the action of an ISO in the business include examples like:

A former physical store is turning smart by accepting virtual terminal at the Point-of-sale or opening an online store with the same products, thereby upgrading the customer base to distant locations with digital payments. Accepting card payments is a scrutinizing process, which is regulated by the card associations and has to be in sync with your business nature.


As a merchant, your business has to be run in association with other merchants to take care of any of the sector operations like auditing, marketing, labeling and packing, logistics, mass production etc. ISOs are effective in establishing relationships with such merchants and coordinating your financial processes.


Small business setups and emerging establishments get an extra edge usually with  ISO taking care of the most basic services from the initial stages itself and you need to work on the already built client and merchant links.