Get Involved

Labour’s greatest advantage over our political opponents is our people. We’re Britain’s biggest political party and have more members and campaigners than any other. Over the summer and throughout our Leadership election, we want to recruit as many people as possible as members and supporters, to engage them and help them shape the future of … [Read more…]

Appointment to see your MP

Surgeries are the opportunity for local constituents to meet the MP and his team. We can support you with matters that relate the MP’s role as your representative in Parliament. If you need to see your MP then please call our office on 01902 907030. We may not always be able to accommodate a meeting with … [Read more…]

The Assisted Dying Bill

My main reason for introducing the Assisted Dying Bill is simple. It’s a straightforward question of choice and dignity: with appropriate, strong safeguards, terminally ill adults of sound mind should be legally allowed to choose to have assistance to end their own lives. I value life, and I do understand that some people believe very … [Read more…]

Rob Marris opposes draft EU-USA trade agreement (TTIP)

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the USA. It would remove over 90% of the trade barriers between the two economic blocks. Supporters claim that it would lead to more trade and more jobs, but there are growing concerns about TTIP. Critics like … [Read more…]

Tax Dodging

Too many companies do not pay their fair share of taxes – and you and I would be paying less tax if they did.  I have long opposed tax dodging, particularly by corporations which use technicalities to base themselves overseas. It will be an early priority for the incoming Labour government, and for me, to … [Read more…]


In summer 2014 I attended the rallies in Wolverhampton protesting against the actions of the government of Israel in Gaza. It is most regrettable that the current MP Mr Uppal has accepted money from the group “Conservative Friends of Israel”. The payment has been accepted in bitcoins. Now the question arises that if the money … [Read more…]

What you have been saying to Rob

Many people have written to Rob saying what their 3 priorities to rebuild hope in our country are. Here are some examples of what they have been saying: “Investment in the future of young people” “More support for overworked weary medical staff” “Save the NHS” “Scrap the Bedroom Tax” “Create Employment” Among the recommendations made … [Read more…]

Rob Marris will put Wolverhampton first

Born here, raised here, educated here Still lives here in Penn Fields, Wolverhampton Hard-working and independent A proud record of achievement for our City After a long and successful career as a solicitor, Rob Marris entered politics because of his commitment to public service. For nine years until 2010, Rob was the Labour MP here in Wolverhampton South … [Read more…]