Volunteer with Rob Marris MP and the Wolverhampton team today

The Labour party is a grass roots organisation that is dependent upon volunteers hard work and kind donations to our yearly campaigns. We are growing rapidly and since the result in 2015 nearly 50,000 people have joined the Labour party as either supporters or members.

We offer a wide range of events, training and support to our new members and with a growing local grass routes campaign team we are able to affect real change in our community, importantly we can campaign against devastating cuts to local government and fight for the most vulnerable in our society.

A big section of our society is stuck with the malady of having been victimized by scams on the internet. These dastards lure vulnerable and trusting traders to part with their honestly and hard earned savings to the tune of hundreds of dollars and them they scam them in the name of the automated trading robots having traded on losing signals.

Before even the trader realizes his folly of having invested in the wrong site, the damage is irreparably done. There is extreme remorse and we feel with the victims. But the trader community must come forward to form a body where they represent themselves and try to annihilate such fraudsters such as Quantum Code.

The least they can do is that they can at least educate the trader community especially the newbie ones to research on a site before they stake hundreds of dollars on rogues. This approach may take time but it will definitely reap results in the long run. The traders must be taught the ways to ensure and verify the credentials of the website and only when they are satisfied beyond reasonable doubts they must give it a clean chit to be able to link their bank account with the website.

Indeed, some of these rogues are so downright cheap that they are capable of even withdrawing more money than what is authorized by the trading account holder. This first step itself is so horrifying. Imagine trading with a cheat and expecting to amass wealth is like walking in darkness but expecting to reach the destination safely!

Don’t fall their dirty gimmicks:

It is categorically stated that these websites will try to lure the new traders with not only time tested methods but also with newly devised gimmickries. So, the traders must keep their eyes and ears open to everything around them. They must read all the internet review sites and also start discussions with previous traders so that they do not get victimized. There is no point isolating oneself and then crying over the spilt milk. You must believe that information is indeed the power that it is!

Can you join our fightback for 2020, Rob Marris and the Wolverhampton Labour Party need you to help hit back at this Tory Government.