London’s Free School Meals: Mayor Khan Extends the Lunch Party!

London's Free School Meals: Mayor Khan Extends the Lunch Party!

Hey there, London pals! Get ready for some awesome news – the free lunch party at primary schools is going strong! Mayor Sadiq Khan just threw in an extra £130 million for the 2023-24 financial year, and guess what? It’s going up to £140 million for the next one! That means more delicious lunches on the house and Free School Meals – how cool is that?

Free School Meals: Mayor Khan Keeps the Lifeline Going

Our buddy, Mayor Khan, is making moves to keep the free lunch lifeline alive. With an extra £130 million in the budget for the next financial year and a boost to £140 million after that, it’s like the lunch celebration or Free School Meals is here to stay. Mayor Khan himself says he’s “thrilled to extend this lifeline for another year.” Lunch on, kids!

Impetus Thinks: What About Breakfast?

While the Free School Meals news is making everyone smile, the folks at youth education charity Impetus have a thought. They’re saying, “Why not focus on breakfast for the kiddos who need it the most?” Good point, right? Breakfast is important, too, and it could be an even better way to support those going through tough times.

City Hall’s Savings Pitch: Helping Families When Costs Are Going Crazy

City Hall has a pitch for you, London families – they’re talking big savings! They say families can save “up to £1,000 over two years per child” during these tricky times with the rising cost of living. That’s not a small amount! So, not only are the little ones getting yummy lunches, but families can also catch a break on their wallets. Talk about a win-win!

Cheers to Mayor Khan: Putting Kids First

Let’s give a huge round of applause to Mayor Khan for putting our little pals first. By giving more time to free school meals, he’s making sure no one misses out on a good lunch, especially when things are a bit tough.

Impetus Nudges: Breakfast Matters Too

The education champs at Impetus have another idea – they’re nudging us to think about breakfast. While free lunches are awesome, they suggest that focusing on breakfast could make an even bigger impact, especially for those who need it the most. It’s all about making sure every child starts the day with a full tummy and ready to tackle whatever comes their way.

City Hall’s Wallet-Friendly Move: Up to £1,000 in Savings!

City Hall wants London families to feel the love, and they’re backing it up with some cash – literally! With the extension of free school meals, they’re saying families can save big, up to £1,000 over two years per child. That’s a good chunk of money that can make a real difference when times are a bit tough.

In a Nutshell: More Lunches, More Savings, More Smiles

So, there you have it, London buddies – Mayor Khan is making sure Free School Meals continues for primary school kids. With extra funding and savings for families, it’s a win-win. While breakfast might be a topic for another day, let’s celebrate the fact that more little ones will enjoy free, delicious lunches, and families can catch a break in the wallet department. Cheers to Mayor Khan for keeping the smiles alive!

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